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Oral papillomas

Oral papillomas are small benign tumors that can be found growing on the lips, tongue, gums and the inner wall of the mouth of dogs. They often appear as small fleshy pink masses with an irregular surface that resemble that of a cauliflower, and can grow in clusters or as discrete masses. They are caused…
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Canine overbite treatment

Delta is a lovely little poodle acquired by one of our staff. At her first visit, our vets noted she had an “overbite”. Technically speaking we would call this a class III malocclusion where there is a relative elongation of the lower jaw. As both human and animal dentistry have advanced, we now know that…
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Insect bites

Lexi is a curious one year old German Shepherd who loves to play and discover new things but to her dismay insects did not want to play with her. Lexi gave her owners quite a fright when, after a morning in the yard, she suddenly had a very swollen right eye and muzzle. This is…
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Boxer ulcers

If you know who Jimmy Carruthers is then it should come as no surprise that this handsome boxer is named Carruthers! Carruthers visited us at Uni Vets Camden a few weeks ago because his eye was looking rather red and quite teary. We stained the eye in order to investigate the possibility of an ulcer,…
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