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What to expect

What to expect when expecting! This is the beautiful mum ‘Cali’, who recently gave birth to 4 healthy kittens. Cali was brought into the clinic as her owner was concerned she had not finished giving birth. It was a particularly hot day and Cali had an elevated respiratory rate and was occasionally panting. After a…
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Storm phobias in dogs

Storm Phobias in Dogs Late Summer can be stressful for dogs who are afraid or anxious during thunderstorms. It’s a common problem, and the reason for it isn’t really well known. It may be the loud noise of the thunder, changes in barometric pressure, discomfort in the ears or simply an inherited trait for it. Storm phobias…
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Stress in puppies

Meet Bonnie – the adorable Pomeranian puppy who was recently re-homed. Unfortunately, Bonnie experienced stress from the change of environment and was brought into Uni Vets Camden as an emergency after she had two seizures in one morning. Bonnie was diagnosed with having a “hypoglycaemic crisis” which means she had severely low blood sugar. Hypoglycaemia…
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Diabetes mellitus

Meet Boris, a 10-year-old Pomeranian Cross, suffering from Diabetes mellitus. Diabetes in dogs is like in humans, meaning that Boris cannot control his blood glucose. Long term diabetes can lead to blindness and kidney failure, but it is not all grim, when detected early and managed properly dogs can live a happy and healthy life.…
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