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Retained tooth

Is that double vision or are there two canines where there should only be one? Like humans, cats and dogs have two sets of teeth in their lives. Puppies and kittens initially develop a set of teeth referred to as the deciduous teeth. As permanent teeth develop within the jaw, the roots of the deciduous…
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Puppy count

Can you guess how many puppies our beautiful patient Annie had? Hint: counting the spines and heads can be useful during this exercise. Annie the Corgi visited us recently to have her progesterone levels checked prior to whelping her first litter of puppies. Progesterone provides a good indication of when a dog is ready to…
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Oral papillomas

Oral papillomas are small benign tumors that can be found growing on the lips, tongue, gums and the inner wall of the mouth of dogs. They often appear as small fleshy pink masses with an irregular surface that resemble that of a cauliflower, and can grow in clusters or as discrete masses. They are caused…
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Canine overbite treatment

Delta is a lovely little poodle acquired by one of our staff. At her first visit, our vets noted she had an “overbite”. Technically speaking we would call this a class III malocclusion where there is a relative elongation of the lower jaw. As both human and animal dentistry have advanced, we now know that…
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