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Flea treatment advice

There are so many flea products to choose from… how do I pick the right one? It’s that time of year again! Sydney Summer is the equivalent of Mardi Gras for fleas, when whole generations of baby fleas can be produced in as little as 12 days, and a female flea can lay up to…
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Meet the Vet – Dr Tina Baxter

Meet the Vet! Dr Tina Baxter graduated with First Class Honours from the University of Sydney in 1999, and then worked in a busy mixed clinic in Sydney. She returned to the University Veterinary Teaching Hospital Camden (UVTHC) in 2004 to undertake five years of additional training in dermatology under the supervision of Linda Vogelnest.…
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Canine skin disease

Skin disease in our canine pets is a huge problem, and we see a lot of it here at Uni Vets Camden. The most common causes of itchiness in dogs are allergies from flea bites, food and other allergens in our environment such as dust or pollen. Sometimes we cannot prevent these diseases, but depending…
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