Staff photo gallery September 2018

  • 1 201809011112-nswvetball2018-508435-2 (002)
  • 2 201809011112-nswvetball2018-508435-3
  • 3 Pave the way
  • 4 Penguins

Check out some of the great University Veterinary Teaching Hospital Camden (UVTHC) staff and patient photos.

  • Photos 1 and 2 - UVTHC representatives at the NSW Vet Ball
  • Photo 3 - The Koala themed buffet at Caffe 104 for the launch of the Pave the Way fundraising event
  • Photos 4 - A pair of rare green pengiuns that presented at the Camden Equine Centre. As far as we are aware the light green handed ones have never been spotted before.

Please note: Although this gallery is located on the Uni Vets Camden website platform, the gallery is not live on the Uni Vets Camden website.

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