Imaging (Ultrasounds and Xrays)

Nurse Rebecca La Conte imaging 2016

Imaging nurse, Rebecca Lo Conte

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Uniquely, at Uni Vets Camden we have extensive on-site diagnostic imaging facilities and imaging specialists.

Our imaging team consists of a registered diagnostic imaging specialist and imaging residents in training as well as qualified veterinary nurses with extensive imaging experience.

We are committed to providing the very best high quality diagnostic images and interpretation for our patients.

Small animal imaging available at Uni Vets Camden includes:

  • Ultrasonography for the diagnosis of conditions within the chest, abdomen, eyes and throat as well as tendons and ligaments.
  • Nuclear scintigraphy for rapid diagnosis of a range of conditions within the liver, thyroid and heart as well as fractures and bony lesions.
  • Radiology/digital imaging to take and store high quality digital radiographs. A CD containing your pet’s images and radiology reports can be made available on request.