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when long lashes are not the best

Long lashes aren’t always the best! This was the case for Frankie, the sweet kitty who initially came into Uni Vets Camden for desexing from a rescue group. During the pre-anaesthetic check, we found that Frankie had a condition of his lower eyelids called “Entropion”. Entropion is a painful condition where the eyelid folds inwards…
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Puppy and kitten health checks

Have you recently adopted a new fur-person? Did you know that new puppy and kitten health checks are an essential first step in ensuring the long-term wellbeing of your new friend? When you bring your puppy or kitten to Uni Vets Camden for a health check, our team of passionate vets will give them a…
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Non-surgical ways to neuter male dogs

Did you know there are non-surgical ways to neuter your male dog? Suprelorin implants are a form of reversible fertility control for male dogs.  It involves injecting an implant under the skin between the shoulder blades that releases a slow and continuous dose of Deslorelin. Deslorin is a hormone that suppresses the production of reproductive…
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