Monthly Archives: October 2019

Sun damage in dogs

Meet Snow, a 10-year-old Greyhound who was named after his beautiful snow-coloured fur. Unfortunately for Snow, his lovely colour also increases his risk of skin damage caused by the sun. Snow has been diagnosed with “solar-induced cutaneous haemangiosarcomas”, which are tumours of the blood vessels in the skin, most often caused by sun damage. This…
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A very wobbly problem

Luna recently visited Uni Vets Camden with a very wobbly problem - her lower left canine tooth was loose and sticking straight out of her mouth! In Luna’s case, it was recommended that she underwent a general anesthetic for dental radiographs to investigate the cause for her loose tooth. In addition to trauma, underlying diseases…
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Arthritis in dogs

As they get older, our furry friends can start to develop mobility issues, much like humans. Arthritis is a common joint condition where the surfaces within the joint start to break down and grind on each other. It can cause pain and stiffness in our pets and can make it harder for them to partake…
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