Monthly Archives: September 2017

Pancreatitis and gastritis

Timmy is a very sweet cocker spaniel who came to us recently due to ongoing vomiting. After a thorough examination including X-rays and ultrasound, Timmy was diagnosed with pancreatitis and gastritis. Pancreatitis is a painful condition involving inflammation of the pancreas. Some dogs are predisposed to pancreatitis including some particular breeds (such as cocker spaniels…
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Insect bites and stings

Coming into spring, everybody wants to be back outside and enjoying the warmer weather and longer days. As much as that is true for people and their pets, the same goes for insects and other invertebrates too whose bites and stings can be an uncomfortable experience, as Gracie (pictured) recently found out. Gracie’s mum brought…
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Lily toxicity in cats

Attention all cat owners! Did you know that lilies are toxic to cats? Many common varieties of lilies including the Easter lily (pictured), Asiatic lily, stargazer lily, tiger lily, and white lily are toxic to cats when ingested. Lilies belonging to the Lilium or Hemerocallis genera contain toxins that can permanently damage your cat’s kidneys.…
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