Monthly Archives: August 2017

Canine skin disease

Skin disease in our canine pets is a huge problem, and we see a lot of it here at Uni Vets Camden. The most common causes of itchiness in dogs are allergies from flea bites, food and other allergens in our environment such as dust or pollen. Sometimes we cannot prevent these diseases, but depending…
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Cataracts in dogs

Charli is a patient at Uni Vets Camden and has a classic case of cataracts. Cataracts are a loss in transparency of the lens fibers or its capsule inside the eye that leads to blurred vision and eventually vision loss. A common misconception is that cataracts in dogs is just a normal process of aging.…
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Rat bait poisoning

During the colder months feral rats and mice often become more visible in and around homes as they look for a warm place to nest and breed. This leads many people to put out various rat baits and poisons to rid themselves of these unwanted pests. However our domestic pets can sometimes fall victim to…
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