Monthly Archives: July 2019

The importance of routine dental for cats

George, a 6 year-old Domestic Short Hair cat, recently presented to Uni Vets Camden for a vaccination visit. During his routine wellness exam, there was evidence of tooth erosion visible on the gum border of one of his teeth, so a dental procedure was recommended. Full-mouth dental radiographs were taken as part of a routine…
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Toots the Pug

Toots is a 5-year-old Pug who recently came into Uni Vets Camden after she had a scuffle with one of her furfriends at home. Toots’ left eye was sore, infected and proptosed which means it was no longer sitting in the socket. This is a common problem in brachycephalic breeds like Pugs and French Bulldogs,…
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Keeping your dog safe from rat bait

Rats and mice are a nuisance when they pop up uninvited and many people use rodenticide in the form of “rat bait” in an effort to control them within their homes. Although this may be effective, rat bait can cause significant problems if accidentally eaten by the household pet. The most common active ingredient in…
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