Monthly Archives: December 2017

Non-surgical ways to neuter male dogs

Did you know there are non-surgical ways to neuter your male dog? Suprelorin implants are a form of reversible fertility control for male dogs.  It involves injecting an implant under the skin between the shoulder blades that releases a slow and continuous dose of Deslorelin. Deslorin is a hormone that suppresses the production of reproductive…
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Keeping your pet at a healthy weight

Obesity in your pet can lead to many serious diseases including diabetes, musculoskeletal problems, liver disease, and breathing problems, all of which can compromise their quality and length of life. Although age and breed can contribute to obesity, we humans are in control of many of the other main causes of obesity in our pets.…
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Christmas foods that are dangerous for your dog

We all love our pets. They are part of our family and we share everything with them, especially when it comes to food. The upcoming festive season comes with an abundance of indulgent foods and ingredients, including chocolates, candy canes, stuffing and nuts. Christmas is a fun time for the whole family, but not if…
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