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Keeping your dog safe from rat bait

Rats and mice are a nuisance when they pop up uninvited and many people use rodenticide in the form of “rat bait” in an effort to control them within their homes. Although this may be effective, rat bait can cause significant problems if accidentally eaten by the household pet. The most common active ingredient in…
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Dementia in dogs

Dogs, like people are living much longer nowadays thanks to advanced healthcare but, as our faithful companions age, they may experience similar cognitive (brain) changes seen in people. A common condition that alters the cognition in senior dogs is called Canine Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome (CCDS), a condition similar to dementia in people. Dogs with dementia…
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Meet the Vet – Dr Tina Baxter

Meet the Vet! Dr Tina Baxter graduated with First Class Honours from the University of Sydney in 1999, and then worked in a busy mixed clinic in Sydney. She returned to the University Veterinary Teaching Hospital Camden (UVTHC) in 2004 to undertake five years of additional training in dermatology under the supervision of Linda Vogelnest.…
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