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Stay Sun Safe!

The summer sun is well and truly here, and just like us, our pets’ skin can become quickly damaged by the sun and even develop aggressive skin cancers as a result. Pets that are most at risk are those that have white or light coloured hair, skin that is exposed or only covered with thin…
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Noise phobia in dogs

Does your dog pant, hide, bark, try to escape, or get destructive during thunderstorms or fireworks? Well they are not alone – these behaviours are relatively common in dogs experiencing anxiety or noise phobias. This level of stress can have a major impact on your dog’s overall health, comfort and safety.   Fortunately, there are…
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Stress in puppies

Meet Bonnie – the adorable Pomeranian puppy who was recently re-homed. Unfortunately, Bonnie experienced stress from the change of environment and was brought into Uni Vets Camden as an emergency after she had two seizures in one morning. Bonnie was diagnosed with having a “hypoglycaemic crisis” which means she had severely low blood sugar. Hypoglycaemia…
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