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Rat bait poisoning

During the colder months feral rats and mice often become more visible in and around homes as they look for a warm place to nest and breed. This leads many people to put out various rat baits and poisons to rid themselves of these unwanted pests. However our domestic pets can sometimes fall victim to…
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Pet Dental Month

Four out of five dogs and cats over the age of three years have some sort of dental disease. Dental disease affects a pet’s overall health and quality of life, and is just not pleasant for them. The Australian Veterinary Association’s Pet Dental Month is held each August and aims to share with pet owners…
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Canine ear infections

Some dogs are prone to ear infections, which are uncomfortable and even painful. Some common signs of an ear infection are head shaking, head tilting, ear scratching, redness, discharge from the ears, bad odour and swelling. Dog breeds that have hairy ear canals, droopy ears, or have narrow ear canals are predisposed to ear infections,…
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Caring for your senior cat

Health problems can strike any cat at any age however it is particularly important to be vigilant with cats that are eight years or older, as senior cats are prone to particular health issues, including: Overactive thyroid glands Located in the neck, the thyroid controls many things including heart rate, mental alertness and calorie consume…
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