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Is your furry friend protected against Leptospirosis?

The recent outbreak of the traditionally “rare” infection in the inner west of Sydney has left many owners concerned for their dog’s safety. Leptospirosis is a bacterial infection which can result in vague signs of fever, vomiting, dehydration, loss of appetite and bloody stool or can progress to kidney and liver disease and sadly sometimes…
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Reducing stress in cats when visiting the vet

Meet “Mia” one of our lovely patients who recently visited Uni Vets Camden. Taking your cat for veterinary checks is an essential part of maintaining their health and wellbeing. The different smells, noises and other animals out and about in a veterinary hospital can be a stressful experience for cats and owners. Cats are susceptible…
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Noise phobia in dogs

Does your dog pant, hide, bark, try to escape, or get destructive during thunderstorms or fireworks? Well they are not alone – these behaviours are relatively common in dogs experiencing anxiety or noise phobias. This level of stress can have a major impact on your dog’s overall health, comfort and safety.   Fortunately, there are…
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Dandruff in dogs

Basil is a 4-month-old Mini Schnauzer who has recently joined his new family. He visited Uni Vets Camden as his family had noticed Basil was shedding a lot of dandruff. While it is important to stay clean and healthy, it turns out that Basil may have been bathed a few times too much! Over-bathing can…
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