Animals in Need

Sometimes, unforeseen accidents happen. Unfortunately for Sandy, she went missing one night and returned the next day with a severely broken leg. While we may never know exactly what happened, it is presumed that she was involved in an altercation with a fox, resulting in her leg being caught and twisted at an odd angle.

Radiographs demonstrated that her femur was significantly broken in two places, as well as the front part of her tibia being broken. In addition to this, her pelvis was also broken in one place. While luckily her type of pelvic fracture could heal with pain relief and rest, repair of her leg would have required multiple invasive surgeries. The success of these surgeries would also have been hampered by the risk of infection from the external wounds on her leg. For these reasons, amputation of the broken leg was the most appropriate treatment for Sandy. Sandy’s owners did not anticipate this unexpected, high-cost problem, and as such would struggle to provide Sandy with the care she needed, and euthanasia was the only other alternative. Thankfully, the Sydney University Animals In Need Fund was able to financially assist Sandy’s owners with the costs of her surgery. After surgery and a brief stay in hospital, Sandy made a speedy recovery and was able to return home to her loving family. The Sydney University’s Animals In Need Fund is a trust fund maintained to assist owners experiencing financial hardship. It is accessed on an individual case basis, and is maintained on donations from the public. To contribute to success stories like Sandy, For more information or to donate to Animals In free visit

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