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Who is planning to trick or treat this Halloween?

Halloween is a fun tradition that is growing in Australia, and while we love any excuse for chocolate, if ingested, chocolate can be toxic to your dog. Chocolate contains theobromine which dogs cannot adequately metabolise. All types of chocolate are considered toxic; with some types, cooking and dark chocolate, being more life-threatening than others. Although…
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Welcome Dr Rebecca Obereigner

Uni Vets Camden is excited to welcome Dr Rebecca Obereigner. Becc brings a wealth of knowledge and experience; she graduated from the University of Sydney with Second Class Honours in 1997. Becc has spent the majority of her career working at small animal practices in the Macarthur region but has also worked at a busy…
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Elizabethan Collar

If there is one image that is synonymous with the vet, it's of a dog (or cat) leaving the clinic wearing an Elizabethan collar. Elizabethan collars - also known colloquially as the e-collar, 'cone of shame', lampshade and radar dish - are primarily used to prevent animals from traumatising themselves, and to protect surgical wounds.…
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No dog is safe from heartworm

No owner ever expects their dog to catch deadly heartworm, but did you know this disease occurs throughout Australia and is a problem year-round? Uni Vets Camden is offering FREE witness heartworm testing to dogs that commence year-round heartworm prevention. This offer is available to dogs who are currently not on heartworm protection, wish to…
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