Dandruff in dogs

Basil is a 4-month-old Mini Schnauzer who has recently joined his new family. He visited Uni Vets Camden as his family had noticed Basil was shedding a lot of dandruff.

While it is important to stay clean and healthy, it turns out that Basil may have been bathed a few times too much! Over-bathing can strip the skin cells of their natural oily defence layer, and the use of shampoos not designed for dog skin can be traumatising due to harsh chemicals.

Luckily, Basil’s condition is not serious, and a bit of gentle brushing and shampoos to restore his normal skin barrier function is enough to help him lose his dandruff.

If you have any concerns with your dog’s skin or hair quality, please do not hesitate to contact Uni Vets Camden on 46550777.

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