Diabetes mellitus

Meet Boris, a 10-year-old Pomeranian Cross, suffering from Diabetes mellitus. Diabetes in dogs is like in humans, meaning that Boris cannot control his blood glucose.

Long term diabetes can lead to blindness and kidney failure, but it is not all grim, when detected early and managed properly dogs can live a happy and healthy life.

Boris was diagnosed with diabetes in April of last year, since then has been restricted to two meals a day at specific times and insulin injections to control his blood glucose. He is the perfect example of good management helping little Boris live life to the fullest.

Signs that suggest your best friend could have diabetes are excessive drinking and urinating, excessive eating and weight loss. If you think your pet has any of these signs we recommend you bring them into Camden Uni Vets to their blood sugar level tested and a general check-up.

Written by Benjamin Chen, final year Veterinary student, University of Sydney.

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