Hot spots

Meet Gus! Poor Gus was suffering from a severe itch due to an underlying ear infection. As if that wasn’t bad enough, his excessive scratching has led to a deep hotspot. These occur due to extreme scratching or licking causing trauma to the skin, leaving a raw, oozy surface. Disruption to the protective skin barrier allows for secondary bacterial infection, resulting in an even itchier spot.

Gus was sedated to allow our vets to clip the surrounding fur, thoroughly examine the lesion and apply an antiseptic. Gus was also sent home with some antibiotics and ear medication to keep the infection at bay and treat the underlying cause.

Hotspots can develop rapidly.  Keep an eye out for any itchy spots on your pets, and come in to see your vet if you have any concerns.

Written by Sarah Steel - Final Year Veterinary Student, The University of Sydney.

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