Pancreatitis and gastritis

Timmy is a very sweet cocker spaniel who came to us recently due to ongoing vomiting. After a thorough examination including X-rays and ultrasound, Timmy was diagnosed with pancreatitis and gastritis.

Pancreatitis is a painful condition involving inflammation of the pancreas. Some dogs are predisposed to pancreatitis including some particular breeds (such as cocker spaniels and miniature schnauzers), overweight dogs and dogs that have had access to high fat foods (so keep your dogs away from fatty leftovers). In Timmy’s case, we suspect the gastritis is also due to the pancreatitis.

Timmy was given an injection to help stop him feeling sick and vomiting, and acid blockers to help his stomach. Because pancreatitis is painful, he was also given pain relief.

Timmy will be on a low-fat complete and balanced commercial diet for the mean time to avoid further stimulating his pancreas and to settle his stomach.

Unfortunately pancreatitis can be an ongoing condition that can have recurrent painful bouts so we really hope that Timmy has a speedy recovery and starts to feel better soon.

By Cleo Lumley, 5th Year Veterinary Student, The University of Sydney

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