Puppy and kitten health checks

Have you recently adopted a new fur-person? Did you know that new puppy and kitten health checks are an essential first step in ensuring the long-term wellbeing of your new friend?

When you bring your puppy or kitten to Uni Vets Camden for a health check, our team of passionate vets will give them a thorough examination from head to toe and provide you with a comprehensive schedule of everything your little one will need to stay happy and healthy, including a take home Puppy or Kitten Care Pack.

Stunning German shepherd puppy ‘Max’ (pictured) had his first trip to the vet recently and – along with lots of cuddles and treats – we discussed diet, vaccination, parasite prevention, desexing and puppy preschool. Max passed his physical exam with flying colours and his owner now has a plan in place to ensure Max receives everything he needs throughout his puppyhood.

Please phone the clinic on 02 4655 0777 and ask about bringing your new addition in for a health check today!

By Sarah Jobbins, 4th Year Veterinary Student, The University of Sydney

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