Prevalence of intestinal worms in our lovely felines

Uni Vets Camden is proud to be a part of the Sydney School of Veterinary Science. The school has a long-standing tradition in providing excellence in veterinary studies and is the top vet school in Australia and ranked #11 in the world. One of our final year students is conducting a research and enquiry project to investigate the prevalence of intestinal worms in our lovely felines. If your cat graces us with a kitty-litter souvenir while in hospital, it will be collected and checked for worm eggs as part of the study! Since many cats don't like being tableted, we will also record what deworming protocol your cat is on to explore the effectiveness of deworming tablets for cats in the real world. If your cat is not visiting but you would like to provide a sample please feel free to drop into our reception and pick up a collection container. No personal details will be collected or recorded. Thank you for helping the next generation of vets!

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