Separation anxiety in dogs

Have you ever returned home to find dog-induced destruction? Or heard your companion howling as you reverse out of your driveway? While some dogs might need better house manners, these signs could indicate that your dog is in distress. Sadly, our canine companions get anxious too!

Up to 28% of dogs experience some distress when separated from their owner(s). Dogs can become agitated, bark, try to escape and urinate or defecate when left alone. Others show attention-seeking behaviour or become overly excited when you return home. This can be seen more commonly in older dogs or in our rescued companions.

Separation anxiety can be difficult to manage alone. Here at Uni Vets Camden, we can offer a combination of general behavioural advice, adjunctive therapies, and recommendations to help support you and ensure that your furry companion remains comfortable in their environment. In some cases, prescription medications are indicated in order to alleviate anxiety and enhance the training process.

Written by Alicia Van Arkel - Final Year Veterinary Student, The University of Sydney.

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