Skin fold dermatitis

Tyson recently came in for a recheck of his ongoing skin fold dermatitis. He has been suffering from this itchy skin disease for a long time. When he first came in, his facial skin was very thickened and red in colour with abundant surface discharge. Diagnostic tests revealed that he had bacterial and fungal infections.

Since his last visit, he has been treated with antifungal and antibacterial therapy with intensive supportive care at home.

As shown in the image, his facial skin around the mouth and the left ear is now looking close to normal.

To help prevent your pet from suffering from the same condition, carefully clean the wrinkles on a regular basis and ensure the folds are completely dry afterwards. Dietary management to maintain an ideal weight can also help prevent skin fold dermatitis.

If you have any concerns about your animal's skin, do not hesitate to call and book an appointment with our vet Dr Tina Baxter, who has extensive experience dealing with dermatological issues.

By Final Year Veterinary Student University of Sydney, Jaehee LeeI

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