The summer sun is well and truly here, and just like us, our pets’ skin can become quickly damaged by the sun and even develop aggressive skin cancers as a result.

Pets that are most at risk are those that have white or light coloured hair, skin that is exposed or only covered with thin hair as well as pets who like to bask in the sun. Signs of sun-induced burns include reddening of the skin which can later develop into crusting, painful ulceration or lumps. Early prevention is the best way to stop progression and can even cure solar damage if caught early enough.

Here's our tops tips to protect your pet from the sun's harmful rays:
• Reduce sun exposure - this can be done by keeping your pet indoors (especially between 9am–3pm)
• Apply waterproof pet-safe sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher) every 4 hours
• Put a sun-suit on your pet if you know they will be exposed to the sun- there are a variety of options available in stores and online
• Block access to the sunny part of your yard and provide adequate shaded areas.

If you notice any abnormal changes to your pet’s skin, please don’t hesitate to call Uni Vets Camden on 02 4655 0777.

Written by Kayt Playford - Final Year Veterinary Student, The University of Sydney