The very hungry Labrador

We recently received a visit from one of our favourite young Labrador patients, Freddie. In accordance with his breed’s reputation, Freddie has an appetite for things that he shouldn’t, having already had a pillowcase removed by our surgeons seven months prior. When we heard that Freddie was feeling unwell, off his food and that a section of the towel was missing at home, we were suspicious, to say the least!

Young Freddie was rushed to surgery. Our surgeons found not just one, but three portions of towel obstructing Freddie’s gastrointestinal tract! His intestines were inflamed and distorted around the towel segments but returned to normal upon removal of this foreign material. Freddie recovered very well despite his significant ordeal, we hope that in future Freddie may grow out of his hunger for fabric, and focus on tasty, nutritious foods from now on.

Written by Madeline Diamond – final year Veterinary student, The University of Sydney.

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